Mubadala is a sovereign investor managing a diverse portfolio of assets in the UAE and abroad. We are commercially-focused, deploying capital across our portfolio in promising sectors and geographies.


Mubadala is a responsible long-term investor.


How Focusing on the Future Can Help Navigate Current Uncertainties

Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer
Waleed Al Mokarrab Al Muhairi
"Since our inception, our approach as a forward-leaning organization has been to foresee key trends and major changes across the globe. Our flexible investment strategy ensures we are creating a blueprint for a sustainable future for generations to come. With this agile mindset and the strength of our convictions and long-term investments, we are helping solve the world’s biggest problems as a responsible investor."
Waleed Al Mokarrab Al Muhairi

Culture & Values

Values define our culture. They shape the way we operate and guide us in everything we do. They form the fabric that holds us together as an organization, that motivate us, keep us focused and unite us as one Mubadala.

Our values have made us a success in the past and will guide our triumphs in the future. They have created a working environment with a unique personality and a shared passion for performance, and a place that supports all people wherever they are in the business.

Deputy Group CEO and Chief Corporate & Human Capital Officer
Homaid Al Shimmari
"As an organization that puts its people first, it has always been our priority to ensure colleagues are supported to achieve their aspirations and be happy during their Mubadala journey. From well-being programs to recognizing hard work and dedication, our colleagues are at the forefront of our success. Without them, we would not be the responsible investor we are today."
Homaid Al Shimmari

Volunteering Program

Volunteering Program

Giving Back to Communities

At Mubadala our mandate has always been to serve the UAE, to help the nation grow and achieve new heights.

Throughout our journey as an organization - from a local development company into a globally recognized investor – we have been building institutions and sectors to progress business and national agendas, delivering lasting benefits for people along the way.

As a globally responsible investor we have always sought ways to engage and make a positive difference to people’s lives, particularly in the communities where we deploy capital.

Mubadala’s Employee Volunteering Program is a purpose-driven engagement platform that provides meaningful opportunities for employees to contribute their time, skills and charity to the community to make a positive difference.


Well-being & Recognition


Creating a High-performance Culture

Since our inception our people have always been a top priority.

We provide our employees with the resources they need to maintain a strong and healthy well-being. This includes physical and mental health, which we support through multiple year-long initiatives and programs, with dedicated teams providing training, events and more for employees and their families.

We ensure we prioritize the health and well-being of our people, with experts sharing key insights on balanced lifestyles, opportunities for healthy competition across Mubadala Group, and promoting employee engagement through teamwork and creating a safe space to discuss mental health.

Our recognition program continues to reward our hard-working teams. We strongly believe that by recognizing our teams and their contributions to the organization’s success, both they and Mubadala will continue to grow.